Monday, August 17, 2009

2 GM RL Dog Chasers Monday August 17

The last series went 1-1 -2 units. I've made some changes to tighten up this system at the end of the year. I am filtering out teams without much to play for at the end of the year...and we will not play ML dogs anymore...instead we will skip that game and play the next one. I think these changes will help the system based on what we have observed so far.

One series starts tonight...looks like a good one.

Good luck! We need to claw some units back here.

Monday starts

KC Royals @ Chicago White Sox -1.5 -115

Overall series 39-9 +22.46 Units

How to play the 2 Game RL Chaser System

1). The home team is "chased" for a winning wager in the first two games of a series.
We only play GM 2 if GM 1 is a losing wager.

2). Wagering is simple. Determine your unit size, keep in mind that losing chases will cost you approximately -3 units or a little more.

3). 1 unit is wagered on GM 1 and if necessary, 2 units are wagered on GM 2.

If the GM 1 wager wins, the chase stops and we bank the profit for that match up.

4). If the GM 2 wager loses we stop the chase losing approximately -3 units on that chase.

In a nutshell, we are picking the best performing home teams vs the worst performing away teams and expecting the home team to win one of it's first two wagers, which will give us a profit by using the best combination of Run Line, or ML odds as described above with a one unit and two unit progression.

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