Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 GM RL Dog Chasers Season Wrap Up

Blah....the White Sox can't get it done -3.15 units...we've been on the skids for roughly all of August.

Let's take a hard look at the record.

Overall series 39-10 +19.31 Units

This system started exactly two months ago on June 19...after some large changes were made to it from the previous... similar but different system.

On the bright side...lets get real...+19.31 units in two months of baseball is fantastic. We had a high water mark around +30 units. If you jumped on at that point I understand the frustration...but I can't control that.

I do the work and provide the picks in good faith...that's all I can do. Educated bettors appreciate it...some don't. Not my problem.

Having said all that...I'm ready to stop the bleeding and stop the system.

I've accomplished what I've wanted to accomplish...we have the framework for a system to run next year. Who knows how many units we could have won in April, May and half of June?

It might be that late season (August) is just the time to get out...I wouldn't doubt it...or it could just be a bad streak. Binomial distribution teaches us it's always quite possible to have a large streak just flipping a coin.

This also means we could have just had a lucky streak to win the units we won. Who knows?

I love the's a great way to have fun with baseball...when it wins anyway...I'm optimistic we can have a blast with this next year...and we've learned a lot and laid all the groundwork for that. Building systems is hard work.

If you jumped on late...and got hurt...learn from it. Money management is preached for a reason.

I'll continue to provide a few Preseason NFL picks.

The regular NFL season will start very soon and I will be providing 3 picks per week as I have with very good success for the last 2 seasons.

And the NBA is just around the corner as well....2 years running, the NBA system has produced winners well above 60% ATS.

Thanks for following along on the baseball experiment. I think we have learned a lot and I am optimistic we can have success with it next year from April to approximately August again.



Anonymous said...

Good work MJ, I played that small, ended up slightly in plus. Really looking forward to NFL and NBA. Do you have some thread in rx forum for last 2 years? Havent found that, only pre-season from the last year. To your comments, noone has the right to complain, you provide free picks, it is up to "us" to decide what to do with it, when to jump on and so on. Once again, thanks and keep them coming...

MJ said...



Dan said...

Thanks man! Your hard work is appreciated, cu on the RX for NFL!