Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Computer Baseball Tuesday, April 7

Lets hit it. Good luck to us...

St.Louis -148

Always play Listed Pitchers ONLY...Always, even when I forget to say it.

Computer Baseball Tuesday, April 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Pittsburgh - 8:15 PM ET St. Louis -148 500
St. Louis -

Computer Baseball Record

By the way...these picks can ALWAYS be played on the Run Line instead of the ML. You will reduce your risk...and you will probably win less units...of course the flip side to that is you will lose less units if this system fails.

It's not a bad option to consider...if you can't stomach the ML favorites. The Run lines will still win at a good rate unless the whole system fails.

I will be going with just ML's for now...we'll see how it goes.

P.S. Wager a safe amount for your bankroll...I suggest we ease our way into this...it's very early yet. The $500 amount is for record keeping purposes only...it is NOT advice to anyone...or to suggest anything illegal. ;-)

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