Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball is Here

I've had a lot of questions about baseball.

Yes I will be running a system here for the whole is a new I do not have a record to point to. I expect success based on my research...but I have to prove it in real life.

I only post quality picks and systems. I will not post picks very long unless it proves to be a winning system.

Baseball picks will usually be made late night for the next days games. If you signed up for the email service...the emails will also go out late night or very early morning for the next day.

If I don't post...I don't have a pick that day. The picks will be very selective...not every day.

Approximately 15-20 games per month...mostly selected favorites. We may use Run lines at some point to reduce the risk. Please use smart money management methods...I suggest flat betting a set amount based on your bankroll to reduce risk.

Lets go easy on the first couple of selections and make sure everything looks right...early season can be tricky.

I might have something tonight or Tuesday night.

Good luck!

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