Friday, February 20, 2009

Post All Star Game Recap...

Post All Star Game Recap...

Let's take a look at this years record to date.

Computer Picks(Includes POD's...all POD's are computer picks first)

58-32-164.44%+11400 +22.8 units

Beer Money O/U's (the record is actually better...but experimental picks were not counted until we saw some success)
7-4-0 63.64% +1300 +2.6 units
Overall combined 08-09 season record
65-36-1 64.4% +25.4 units

Things are slowing down with the computer picks...people complained about it last year as well. That's just the way it is...lines tighten up and you get less value as the season goes along.

I can see it in the stats that I look at every get a feel for it...the best part of the season is really the early and middle season. We try to scoop out the best part as best we can...but it slowly starts fading away in late January to nearly nothing by late Feb.

That is one reason the Over Unders are important. I don't see any reason they should decay the same way...I'm hoping they can fill in the gap and give us picks right up to the playoffs.

It's still too early to know if the Over Unders will be a successful far it looks good with a small sample...but what I haven't mentioned is that I'm very often right on the number...that makes me very optimistic.

Next season ...we will immediately have NBA picks based on the pre-season numbers that I experimented with this year...we won't have to wait , by using the pre-season stats.

After the first couple of weeks...we will have enough stats for the regular computer picks as usual, the middle of November...and hopefully the over unders can help take up the slack until the playoffs.

It's been a lot of work always experimenting and trying to improve the system...I'm looking forward to just running the whole thing next year as a "completed" system without all the extra work. I would like to sit back and enjoy it really feels like work sometimes.

Next year will be interesting...if we can repeat this years success from start to finish...and have success 3 seasons in a row...that would be quite an accomplishment.

Good luck to us

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