Saturday, September 7, 2019

Inside Vegas Info and Two College Football Picks

I wasn't sure that I was going to do this anymore...I've been working on a stock trading system which is a better opportunity for my time. 

I'm also doing a little bit of "wildcat" consulting for some people in Vegas who have reached out to me. 

I have two College Football picks today based on a number of very large wagers made in Vegas, Those picks are included below. I would recommend them as 1/2 wagers and let's see how that works out. But I am looking forward to playing some of these games the Sharps are definitely on.

As part of the deal...I have inside information on "Big Money" bets which I believe is smart money or people with their own inside information. It could be lucrative and kind of fun to play this.

If I'm going to do this anymore I'm going to simplify it into what I'm betting on. That's it. Many of you have asked me to do that in the past.

I'll be running my systems in the background ...but each week I will only pass on the best picks of what I'm betting on. At this point I kind of know what to look for...rather than always just blindly following systems. But that did teach me a lot doing it that way.

I need to keep it simple...maybe it will be better this way.

I will also be using my subscription to Cold Hard Football Facts and analyzing their stuff to use for betting. 

So...quite a bit of value here (Only offered to my past subscribers) for just $29.99 NFL NCAAF NBA and March Madness All Included

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Today's College games  3:30 PM ET I'm Playing  Texas A&M +17 ...some HUGE bets on this one...including the ML ! I'm not saying to do that...but I like the points based on big money flow.

5:00 PM ET I"m Picking  ULM +22.5  81% of public money and 82% of ALL actual money is on FSU and I think that is the wrong side here according to sources watching money flow. 

Thanks, Let's have some fun and make money

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