Friday, October 20, 2017

MisterMJ 2017/18 NBA / NCAAB All Inclusive Package Sign UP

I will start handicapping system picks for the NBA in less than a week...College will follow once Conference games start. 

Last season was rather flat overall for the NBA and College combined...although the NBA Dogs were once again rock solid at 11-6 on the season.

We need to get this thing going. Sign Up now...I don't have much time to market anymore. ;-)

It's still just $29.99 for the whole thing...well worth it just for playing the always solid NBA Away Dog System and jump on whatever else is hot this year.

2017-18 MisterMJ's NBA / NCAAF All Inclusive Package

Thank You and Good luck to us !


2016-17 Records
Last seasons documented records were not documented very well due to a glitch in the Covers system that I use. There could be a mistake in these but to the best of my knowledge they are correct.

NBA Away Dogs System : 11-6
NBA Home Dog System 4-5

NCAAB Home System I 8-6
NCAAB Home System II 7-10

30-27 Overall

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