Sunday, September 17, 2017

MisterMJ NFL Free Pick Sun. Sept . 17 1:00 PM ET

Taking the Home Dog Jaguars today +1 

NFL Week # 2 1:00 PM ET Pick Jacksonville +1 

MisterMJ NFL 2017 emailed picks 2-2

Jags are coming up positive on a lot of red flag filters. 

Keep in mind our subscription "NFL / NCAAF Systems" will not start for a few weeks yet...emailed directly each week.

I'm just trying to find some value until then...and offer a free pick.

There is still time to sign up for the System picks and not miss anything! We are patient and wait for the best opportunities in the second half of the seasons. ;-)

Sign up for MisterMJ's All Inclusive NFL / NCAAF System Picks Package...still just $29.99 for the whole thing including NFL playoffs and NCAA Bowl game system picks.

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Good luck to us!


NFL Preseason 1-0
NFL Regular Season 2-2
NFL 2017 System Picks 0-0-0 (starts mid season through playoffs)
NCAAF 2017 Computer picks 0-0-0 (starts with Conference play through BowlSeason)

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