Thursday, August 16, 2012

MisterMJ NFL / NCAAF 2012 All Inclusive Package $29.99 Sign Up at

New for 2012 ! Successful, documented NFL & NCAAF Systems combined.

The NFL and NCAAF packages are combined for the low price of $29.99. All NFL and NCAAF College System picks including College Bowls! 

Everything is combined in one package for outstanding value. 

Every year I try to make it better by using multiple systems to multiply the long term value.

NFL/NCAAF package for $29.99 Guaranteed. 

Sign up at or use the Paypal button on this site. 
(You do NOT need your own Paypal account to use the Paypal button. Please make note if you want the picks sent to an alternate email address.)

2011 NFL Computer Picks 15-8-1 65.22% ATS
2011 NFL 10/10 System  12-7-0 63.16% ATS
EMO NFL System  (2007-2011 Record 82-62, 56.94% ATS)
2011 EMO's 12-14-2 46.15%

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