Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Friday March 20

Computer sayz these are the best matchups we've had so far. Time will tell.

I've made a slight adjustment...I'm still learning as I go here...NCAA is very dynamic compared to the NBA system. Much more challenging for me.

I'm shading the system more toward the very successful Home System (16-4) posted here earlier in the season...I think this is the way to go as I gain more experience with this.

We need these wins today. Good luck!

March Madness System (2-2)


Friday, March 20

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Miami-Florida - 7:00 PM ET Florida -5 500
Florida -

Arizona - 7:10 PM ET Utah -1.5 500
Utah -

Kansas St. - 9:30 PM ET San Diego St. -5 500
San Diego St. -

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