Friday, March 8, 2019

MisterMJ March Madness and NBA Fri. March 8 2019

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Now that the Conference Tournaments have started I am going with what worked best last season... for me anyway. 

It is a push toward quality teams vs. lesser quality against the pointspread.

 And I'm looking for matchups in which it's the better vs. the lesser. We want to see the best teams coming into form for the Tournaments and the lesser teams falling away. At least against the point spread...I don't care about anything else. 

In my any sport...the best do tend to come into form and the lesser teams fall away as their hopes dwindle during playoffs and or end of year Tournaments.

NCAA March Madness System 
This will now run through all the Tournaments and I will keep a separate record. Start out cautious...and ramp up our bets when we show success. Try to play with house money first. Looking at my notes from last season this method pulled out a 26-15-0 record 63% ATS. No guarantee but let's go with what worked.

Tonight we have two to start things off.

07:00 PM  Pick DRAKE -3.0
9:00 PM Pick Virginia Commonwealth VCU -11.5

2019 NCAA March Madness Record 0-0-0

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