Friday, August 10, 2018

MisterMJ...One Day Deal...Last Time Offer...Thank You! The End

MisterMJ...One Day Deal...Last Time Offer...Thank You! The End

This is one hell of a a courtesy, only available today to my past subscribers. 

Thank you for all of your past support through flat times and those spectacular +70% runs we have once in a while.

I have always worked hard and in good faith to provide the best I could...but I'm a little sick of the business and I'm sick of working so hard at it. Sick of the daily emails and or tracking all of the systems. And I'm sick of people not appreciating the long term value provided.

In the future ...I'm still going to handicap and write articles on my blog and mostly Twitter. Plenty of it will be some free picks from past systems as promised.

People keep asking...give me the picks that I bet on. Ok...I guess I'm listening. They don't even want all my system picks. the future...I'm going to run things the way I want to and keep it fun and interesting for me. 

I will only be selling occasional high value type at a time....for bigger money.

One thing I've found out...I work way too cheap. People don't want cheap or free. They don't respect it.
Not anymore....I will sell only very high value picks in the future ...only from hot systems and for the kind of money they deserve. 

I will not blindly pass on all of the system picks like I have in the past. 

For my past subscribers only...this year only.

All Football and Basketball Available at this link for only $29.99 Total For Both Packages 

Everyone else pays for each pick going forward. I won't offer this again.

 Less is more..The End.

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