Friday, October 19, 2012

MisterMJ NBA /NCAAB Information

It's that time of year again. The NBA starts very soon and we now have two different systems that use different methods to exploit NBA lines for value.

College basketball starts soon after, and we have a total of three systems we will be using, looking for line value. The overall records speak for themselves. The systems make money in the long run if you play them with discipline. Nothing works all the time, every time,  but usually one of the systems kicks ass and we strike gold or at least we don't get killed.

At only $29.99 even a $50 bettor has a good chance to make free money. At worst, I won't allow you to get killed and a clearly negative year will be guaranteed for free the next year and I will attempt to make it right.

Last year as an example was pretty flat, partly because of the NBA trouble but we still made 1.8 units overall. Not a great year,  but more importantly we live to play another year when sooner or later we will again bank a lot of units. 

Is this the year we strike gold again? For only $29.99 the possible upside far outweighs any slight downside risk in my opinion. You have to attack this long term and I've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to do that with the low cost and my guarantee. 

NBA/NCAAB All inclusive package for just $29.99 . Use Paypal and guaranteed at All picks emailed direct. Personal service is always just an email away.

MisterMJ's NBA Computer Picks 
Overall Record 2007-2012 +61.7% ATS on 300 picks.
185-115 61.7%  +$29,250 +58.5 Units Flat betting

MisterMJ's NBA Away Dog System
Overall Record 2011-2012 + 64.7% ATS 
22-12-0 +$4400

MisterMJ NBA Systems 2007-2012

NCAAB Home System I  Overall Record 2008-2012 
47-29-3 61.8% ATS

NCAAB Home System II Overall Record 2009 -2012
42-22-0  65.6% ATS

NCAAB March Madness System Overall Record 2009-2012
23-9 -0 54.8 % ATS

MisterMJ NCAA Basketball Records 2008-2012

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