Monday, April 2, 2012

MisterMJ 2012 MLB "Super Dog" System Info & Sign Up

Baseball starts this week...sign up is as usual at using the Paypal button.

 Please put any special instructions or alternate email address in the notes at Paypal.

We'll be running only two systems this season...the CBS 2 game RL Chase  and something that uses everything else all rolled into one EZ to play "Super Dog" System. All picks and information will be emailed direct, in an easy to understand format.

Easy on you, and easier on me.

It's important to read the paragraphs below. You have paid for the hard work and data. Make sure that you have a chance to reap the benefits.

Most of you have helped pay for and subsidize my baseball work over the past two seasons and I'm grateful for that. We've had both success and failure in an exhaustive attempt to define the correct way to "play" baseball for the average bettor.

It's been exhausting really, scanning approximately 9720 games and looking at every angle and system imaginable to gain any hint of knowledge or edge.

I can't continue at the old pace and quite frankly I was never satisfied with the complications of running multiple systems with so much information. But it was necessary to get to this I did it.

It's time to put it all to good use or move on. Really it comes down to that. I will not continue unless we have success with the Super Dog System because it contains the best of most everything we have been working on for two years. 

But I do have good news in that I've found when the statistical filters (Plus Factors) are combined with the situational opportunities....magic happens. The back test is pure, meaning the system lends itself to accurate back tests using closing lines. 

The system maximizes "dog" opportunities and "dog " value.  Approximately 100 picks per season (80-120) for a nice steady and enjoyable flow maximizing dog value when possible. It runs right away from April to mid Sept. 

It looks so promising to me that I am sticking my neck out offering a 10 unit guarantee and the next season would be free. If we have two off years in a row...I'm done with pay per season baseball and I will offer whatever I can for free.

But I do look forward to us playing this for years to come. I'm sold on this back test and our experience with the filters. 

I think I have an excellent opportunity to repay all of you for your past and continuing support with the success of this system. And if will be an honest effort.

 All indications to me  are that we are going to love this system for it's simplicity and effectiveness, and it should have a flow to it, that makes baseball wagering fun all summer. That's really what I've been working toward but there is a lot of dirty work to get there.

MLB Super Dog System Back Test

2009 +37.8 Units  (AL +24 units /  NL +13.8 units)
2010 +29.56 Units (AL + 8.01 units / NL + 21.55 units)
2011 + 22.18 Units  (AL + 21.58 units / NL + .6 unit)

For a more detailed explanation and past history of MLB records read the post at my records blog:

Thanks, and lets do this.

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