Thursday, September 8, 2011

MisterMJ NFL Free Pick Thurs. Sept 8 NFL Opener 8:30 ET

Tonight's NFL Free Pick is for the NFL Opener on NBC at 8:30 ET. More information is found below.

NFL Systems (officially) start in one week (Week # 2) and the first NCAA Football System picks will be emailed on Friday Sept. 9. Please consider signing up NOW for honest, guaranteed system picks.

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NFL Free Pick

The first college football picks go out tomorrow Sept. 9, and the NFL doesn't start for me (officially) until week # 2.

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But I did take a look at the NFL opener tonight. It's become a mini National Holiday in itself. And you always have to think about the overs being inflated in these situations. I'll share some basic information with you. Decide for yourself...

Last 5 Thursday Night NFL Openers are all Unders by the closing number at Wagerline which is usually a pretty fair number that represents an average of the books.

Also...last 5 Green Bay Week # 1 Games are 4-1 Under...and the last 5 NO Week # 1 Games are 3-2 Under.

If you can get at least Under 48 tonight...and you might get at least that if you wait...and IF you just have to wager on the NFL Opener....well...that's my pick.

Green Bay has been having some O-Line issues in pre-season. Maybe it's worked out when they play for real tonight...maybe not? I wouldn't be at all surprised if both teams want to run more than people think tonight. But who really knows?

On the other hand Green Bay has been hinting at using a "hurry up" "no huddle" offense that could be devastating...or it could blow up on them in week # 1 before they are ready. They might not even use it in this game...again...who knows?

All things considered...I still think Under 48 is very good value tonight.

8:30 ET NFL  NO/Green Bay Under 48

Good luck!


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