Friday, October 15, 2010

MisterMJ NBA +62 % NCAAB +77% System Picks $25 by Direct Email & Guaranteed

 It's time to sign up for long term historical winning basketball direct email...the NBA in October through the NCAA tournaments in March.

Long term NBA at +62% ATS.. and  NCAA Home systems +77% ATS over two full seasons. NCAA tournament picks usually provide around 10-12 picks overall...2 years running at or above 60% ATS.

All NBA and NCAA Basketball picks are included one package for $25.. 

Easy , fast, and secure sign up available at

It's hard to believe, but it's that time of year again. The NBA Basketball season starts in less than 2 weeks.It should be an extremely exciting season with all of the player movment. Shaking things up in the NBA should provide more wagering opportunities this year in my opinion.

 Now is the time to sign up for the Basketball package using the Paypal donation button at
A Paypal account is NOT needed for a secure encrypted payment with credit, debit or echeck.

I'll make this short and sweet. The records speak for hype is needed. It's never been my style to hype. I live or die on successful systems...period. No marketing gimmicks here, my reputation is staked on honest handicapping.

I have no problem stating that I am one of the very few that operate this way.

For only $ will get all of my NBA Computer Picks...and all of my NCAA Basketball picks right through the NCAA tournaments. Winning system picks and information..delivered by direct email with fast personal service.

If this isn't worth $25 bucks for the whole season...I don't know what is. I offer a performance guarantee as well.

More information and sign up using the Paypal donation button at

The sooner you sign up...the faster you will receive NBA picks...and any additional information that I have to offer. 

Historical records are provided below.

And yes...I realize the NCAA records are hard to believe...but they are real. In all honesty could make the argument that the NCAA Home System II was backfitted from another system last year. However...I would also argue that it is similar enough to the Home System I , that I believe it is a viable handicapping system going forward.

While 77% ATS  is  not going to hold up forever...2 full seasons with this method is solid proof of something special here.
MisterMJ's NBA Computer Picks System Records
159-97 62.1% + 52.3 units +$26,150

The NBA Computer Picks system is now entering it's fourth NBA season. 

There has never been a losing month...there has never been a losing year...and there has never been a year under 60% ATS. This has been a very robust and stable system, always solid...sometimes spectacular, nearly 66% ATS in 08/09 season on nearly 100 picks.

The long term record of 62.1 % ATS based on 256 picks over 3 full NBA seasons is unmatched. In addition to that...the lines and picks were documented at Wagerline and were always widely available and honest lines.In fact...most often...if you had a good off shore could do better than most of my posted lines.

NCAA Basketball Home System I 77% ATS

NCAAB Home System the last two seasons overall record
30-9 77% ATS

A very select and very successful NCAA Basketball system for 2 full seasons. 

This system starts with NCAA Conference play.

NCAA Basketball Home System II 28-8 77.77% ATS

The Home System II

 09/10 Season

28-8 77.77% ATS

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