Monday, July 20, 2009

2 GM RL Dog Chasers Monday July 20

Four good looking match ups for Monday.

Good luck!

Monday starts

SF @ ATL -1.5 +115 GM 1 for 1 unit

Boston @ Texas ML -109 GM 1 for 1 unit

Balt @ NY Yankees -1.5 -110 GM 1 for 1 unit

Arizona @ Colorado -1.5 +130 GM 1 for 1 unit

Overall series 26-5 +19.96 units
How to play the 2 Game RL Chaser System

1). The home team is "chased" for a winning wager in the first two games of a series.
We only play GM 2 if GM 1 is a losing wager.

2). Wagering is simple. Determine your unit size, keep in mind that losing chases will cost you approximately -3 units or a little more.

3). 1 unit is wagered on GM 1 and if necessary, 2 units are wagered on GM 2.

If the GM 1 wager wins, the chase stops and we bank the profit for that match up.

4). If the GM 2 wager loses we stop the chase losing approximately -3 units on that chase.

In a nutshell, we are picking the best performing home teams vs the worst performing away teams and expecting the home team to win one of it's first two wagers, which will give us a profit by using the best combination of Run Line, or ML odds as described above with a one unit and two unit progression.

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